General Course Description

This course is designed to overcome urinary leakage within several weeks with a structured proven protocol. The protocol is multipronged in approach involving the components of exercises, nutrition, hydration, body mechanics and behavioral strategies. 

Many men are at a loss on how to approach or deal with leakage of urine after Radical prostatectomy. The only word they are aware of I “Kegels”. There is no structured protocol on how to do the Kegels, how many repetitions should be done per day or in a set or how long the hold should be.

With this course the patients and even the therapists helping them will be able to achieve complete continence. This course is also beneficial for health and wellness life coaches to introduce it to anyone who has leakage of urine.

General Course Objectives

  1. Get rid of using diapers and pads and achieve a normal healthy active life style without the fear of having a major accident or losing control of urine.
  2. Patients will be able to stay hydrated without the fear of scouting for bathrooms in case of urinary urgency or frequency.
  3. Increase bladder capacity so as to enjoy a movie or go for a long trip anxiety free.
  4. Overcome anxiety and possible depression of being unable to control urine leakage. 

Instructor's Bio

For the past 20 years Vanita Gaglani has had the wonderful opportunity to help hundreds of patients regain continence. More than 2000 of these patients have been men after they have been treated for prostate Cancer and other Urological and Medical conditions. A passion to alleviate this silent yet devastating symptom has resulted in her launching an audio visual course which with its step by step 10-week protocol will help men suffering from the devastating side effect of urinary incontinence overcome it and get dry.

Vanita lives with her husband in Melbourne Beach, Florida. In addition to seeing patients in her clinic Vanita enjoys gardening and walking.

Limit of Liability and Disclaimer Warranty:

The advice in this course are based generally accepted principles. Results may vary for different people and the author does the not guarantee any result and is not liable for the outcome. Always consult a Medical Doctor before starting the program in case you have any medical or dietary restrictions.