Incontinence is just the beginning.

Other issues tend to quickly pop up once incontinence becomes a problem.

Incontinence is a sensitive subject. If proper tools and guidance are available to men, the recovery of continence is strong.

The goal of therapy is to control Urine leakage in men using a multipronged approach including nutrition, hydration, body mechanics and behavior strategies so that, ultimately, the patient can enjoy a good quality of life without worrying about finding bathrooms, using diapers, skin infection, sepsis and dehydration.


Patients stop drinking fluids to stave off wetness issues, then end up with constipation issues. Constipation then results in increased urine leakage

Decreased Quality of Life.

Patients stop socializing and participating in pleasurable activities because of incontinence, lack of bathroom access, using diapers which are wet and bulky.

Sexual function

Urine leakage sometimes results in decreased intimacy which may exacerbate relationship or marital conflict.


Inability to control leakage has a devastating effect on a man’s self –esteem which may result in depression, isolation or engage in meaningful relationships.

Leakage of Urine causes

1. Increased anxiety, depression and self-isolation.

2. Dehydration due to decreased fluid intake which may cause UTI or sepsis.

3. Scouting for bathrooms becomes a habit.

4.Decreased quality of life.

5. Using Depends and pads is expensive, degrading and uncomfortable.

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Vanita Gaglani, PT

Vanita has treated over 3500 patients suffering from incontinence. Her self-designed protocol is 95% effective to help patients achieve dryness in just 10 weeks.

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